Our Principles In Production Operation

K Products is built for the society- for everyone. We wish to improve people living standard with advanced food technology that is convenient but still fresh and nutritious
With our experiences on Japanese import and export requirements, we ensure to operate our production process according to Japanese standards. Each product is the brainchild of K products that have been undergone thoroughly research as a harmonious combination of three important factors:



At K products, the process of controlling input ingredients must follow The selection of ingredients, production process and supply chain are examined carefully and transparently.
We absolutely do not use preservative, colorings, flavors. The ingredients are all natural with delicious taste, natural sweetness and full of nutrition that comes in every of our products


K Products always invests in technology in processing and packaging, especially the latest Japanese Retort sterilization technology in 2021. Retort technology uses high temperature and high pressure to cook dishes while killing microorganisms. and prevent infection. The product comes in a 4-layer high-quality Retort bag with heat resistance up to 140o C With this superior process, the nutrients and flavor of the food inside will be fully preserved and especially safe for health because there are no preservatives.


K Products promotes innovation in production and creative start-up with a founding team experienced in Japan technology in combination with Vietnamese food experts. In order to produce meals with fresh ingredients and delicious taste but still follow the strict requirements in a timely manner, we believe people are the decisive factors.
The K products team spends a lot of time researching and testing for each product. Each different raw ingredient will be processed under different conditions to meet the operation requirements and criteria.


According to

Meet the requirements of export regulations in Vietnam and Japan