Braised Fish in Vu Dai's Style - 180g


“A pot of fragrant steamed fish braised in Vu Dai Village next to a cup of hot white rice with loved ones is the happiness that K Products is proud to bring. With the famous Vu Dai Village Braised Fish, K Products has been processed according to a complicated and meticulous traditional recipe. Braised carp with ingredients such as ginger, galangal, lemon, ground pepper,… all must have their own standards and requirements. The pots of braised fish are stored for many hours, so their bones are very soft, fatty and fragrant, you can completely chew the bones easily. The fish meat is firm, the bones are soft, along with the delicious aroma, rich in the taste of the homeland, served with hot rice, and a plate of boiled water spinach is an extremely attractive and nutritious meal."