Horeca Broth Vietnamese PHO Beef Noodle Soup


“Vietnamese beef pho has been internationally recognized as one of the most delicious broth-based dishes in the world (according to CNN). That's why K PRODUCTS has introduced its Beef Pho product (Broth and Pho Noodles) following a traditional recipe that is meticulously prepared and exquisite. The "soul" of K PRODUCTS' Beef Pho lies in the broth, simmered for hours using beef and pork bones, along with star anise, cloves, and other warm spices to create a perfect flavor. The broth has a rich, clear color and a delicate balance of sweetness and savory notes, enhanced by the aroma of star anise and other characteristic herbs. Served with lime and a few slices of chili, you won't be able to wait a second longer to enjoy this delightful experience.”

Strong broth cooked up
Boiled noodles for adding beef
No matter how busy you are
Only ten minutes, two bowls of pho!