The childhood of so many generations born & raised in the sea, it is the fresh green sea sturgeon that is pulled up every morning, carefully marinated and stored by the mother.

In clay pots or cast iron pots covered with thick pot, the braised cod fish meals are imbued with the salty taste of the sea, the aroma of fresh fish, the fatty taste from the firm meat mixed with the sweet and sour taste of galangal tubers. green tea leaves…and bring Mother's love.

Becoming a favorite & memorable dish, Braised Snail Fish is an authentic dish in the countryside of Vietnam, but it is hard to forget on traditional rice trays during the transformation of economic development.

Life is getting busier and busier, the attraction comes from so many fast food foods for the new integration period, but we still remember and need delicious Vietnamese meals with reasonable prices.

Therefore, we K Products with the mission of conveying the traditional Vietnamese flavor through convenient, yet nutritious products, was born.

Braised Sardines is traditionally marinated with ingredients from Ba Ria - Vung Tau province with fresh and delicious sources, using Japanese Retort technology and thorough research techniques to sterilize and increase quantity.

The combination of tradition & industrial techniques has brought a convenient product No Preservatives - No Colorants - No Fragrances, 1 year normal temperature storage time, fresh taste, bold sauce. momentum, the fish meat is firm but the bones must be brittle and not have an industrial taste.

We, K Products, have a deep love and passion for traditional Vietnamese cuisine.