“Pho” stepping out into the world is the proud culinary image of Vietnamese people. In 2007, Pho was updated as one of 2,500 new words in the Oxford world dictionary & officially became "the language of the world".

The story of "Pho" is a hundred-year-old story from the pen of the late writers Thach Lam, Vu Bang ... described all the words in the famous novels "Hanoi Hash Sau Pho Phuong", "Hanoi delicious dishes"...
However… today, let's listen to the story of Pho.

No, during 6 months of research in the 500m2 K Products factory, we were able to try “Pho” every day. Because the most difficult in the production processes is not only one step, but all 5 steps, including the adjustment of temperature and pressure so that the finished product does not change the original taste, which needs more attention.

We are called by many acquaintances by the funny name "traditional packers".
How is the package that the taste cannot be changed, the output must increase, and the preservation must be convenient?

Research days begin!
We decided not to abuse industrial food additives to aim for the clean & healthy green convenience food industry. With practical experience in detailed Japanese export regulations, we aim to perfect based on the standards of this difficult country. Therefore, the list of standard ingredients is mostly red-circled and strictly controlled.

In order to get the "sweetness from the bones" in the "Pho" standard, we carefully select the fresh ingredients of beef and pork bones in facilities with full documents to control animal origin and especially use specialized pots. large size to simmer the bones for 18 hours. When the bones are as white as lime, removing the marrow to avoid cholesterol has obtained an attractive main ingredient.

Next to the ingredients with many scents and colors from natural ingredients 100% including cinnamon stick, star anise, cloves, cardamom, cilantro, ginger, Long Son sea salt, Quang Ngai rock sugar and special fish sauce. fragrant aroma from the sea.

With skill seven seven forty nine know-how from a research lab coordinated by a professional chef, the recipe was decided.

The pot of pho broth is sweet, the color is clear, the ingredients are harmoniously combined to create a characteristic warm aroma that is both healthy and delicious, easy to enjoy.

Next, the stages of using Retort sterilization technology to increase production and convenient storage, easy to promote delicious dishes.

We have lived in Japan for many years, getting used to the convenience of Asian foods like Japan, Thailand, Korea every day... One day, when we went to the supermarket, we saw the familiar package of Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, and we were excited. Buy and cook now. However, when you go home and read carefully, Vietnamese traditional Pho is processed in Thailand. There is a bit of sadness about the national pride, but looking at the well-designed packaging, the product is safe without preservatives, so I am more curious. When following the instructions, the finished bowl of pho had a strange taste, mostly fish sauce and industrial taste. That has partly motivated us to explore technology, accumulate knowledge, learn from Japan and decide to bring Japanese technology and machinery to Vietnam for production.

This technology is implemented based on the principle of sterilization at high temperature and high pressure, using 4-layer aluminum bag packaging. In a sterile environment, destroyed microorganisms are not capable of reinfection. Product temperature safe generally 12 months without the use of preservatives.

The important thing is that at high temperature & pressure we have worked very hard to complete the research without changing the taste, keeping the full flavor fresh, delicious.

Because the quintessence of Vietnamese sweetness is not enough, it must be fresh and delicious to proudly introduce to all domestic and foreign diners.

Pho Nha K, Pho Viet is full of flavor!