The KOIMA exhibition is held annually by the Korean Importers Association at COEX Exhibition Center - Seoul, with the aim of finding a variety of sourcing sources across countries to serve the stable demand for goods in the market. Korean school. The exhibition attracts 8,000 businesses who are buyers in Korea, with 200 booths from businesses from many countries.

To make the exhibition effective, one of the participating businesses with #Kproducts was lucky to have a B2B matching schedule prepared in advance for the duration of the exhibition with the interested Buyers directly to have the opportunity. Deeper discussion about accessibility & deeper understanding of demand in Korean market.

Fresh food processed by #retort sterilization technology is very popular with traditional dishes of countries, but Vietnamese dishes are very rare. Koreans love Vietnamese Pho very much, when enjoying a sample at the exhibition counter, everyone is surprised because the taste is like eating Pho at a restaurant in Vietnam, this shows that the Korean market is also an opportunity for #Kproducts conquer in the near future ❣️

Sincere thanks to the Vietnam Trade Office in Korea for enthusiastically supporting K Products. Arrange an appointment for the team to come directly to VP Lotte Mart (Korea's leading retailer) before the exhibition day, arrange B2B sessions with major food importers in Korea. Although it is difficult to live abroad in terms of location, language, and locality, it is very touching about the support from the Trade Office.

Each trip is an opportunity to see firsthand, reflect and strategize the market, to carry out a mission to bring Vietnamese cuisine everywhere.