K Products always invests in technology in processing and packaging, especially the latest Japanese Retort sterilization technology in 2021. Retort technology uses high temperature and high pressure to cook dishes while killing microorganisms. and prevent infection. The product comes in a 4-layer high-quality Retort bag with heat resistance up to 140oC.

With this preeminent process, the nutrients and flavors of the food inside will be kept completely and especially to ensure safety for customers' health due to no preservatives.

⚙️ K Products promotes innovative production, creative start-ups with a team of founders with technical experience from Japan combined with Vietnamese culinary experts. Towards the goal of producing fresh and delicious food, but still meeting strict inspection criteria quickly and accurately, people are the decisive factor.

🕵️‍♀️ K Products team spends a lot of time researching and testing many times for each product. Each different material will combine the production process according to its own formula to meet operational requirements and set criteria.
We use absolutely No Preservatives - No Colorants - No Fragrances. Processed ingredients are all from nature with the criterion of bringing delicious taste, natural sweetness, full nutrition in each product to consumers.