The story of Vu Dai Village comes out of the novel (Song Mon, Chi Pheo, Lao Hac) by the famous writer Nam Cao, which has always created curiosity for all domestic and foreign customers.
And the question that is always asked is "How special is the braised fish dish from that time?"

Traveling along Vietnam, stopping at any northern province, the memorable dish "Koi Kho Rieng" has become a typical culinary flavor for generations. Until now, every taste of the sea is still not comparable to the taste of delicious braised fish with greasy flesh, soft fish bones, firm fish meat, delicious marshmallow sauce sprinkled with delicious rice. It must be very picky for each stage to complete that famous braised fish pot. The fresh river carp are marinated with special spices (galangal, cork sauce, fish sauce...) and then stored for 12-13 hours so that the spices infuse each fiber of the fish.

After all these years, Ha Nam province - where writer Nam Cao penned the stories of Vu Dai Village, started a business with this folk braised fish dish so that diners are the children of their homeland busy with modern life. can re-enjoy the taste of that day. The dish has stepped out into the world and received reviews and compliments from world chefs. However, the preservation, transportation and especially the "handmade" products are a dilemma to optimize the cost as well as promote and introduce the dish further.

After a period of study, intensive research, especially bringing Japanese Retort sterilization technology to combine perfection, quality improvement & preservation method. Impressive rustic dishes have been developed by K Producst, keeping the traditional fresh taste, preserved at normal temperature for at least 12 months without using any preservatives. Moreover, the price of the product is very reasonable, every diners can pay for a daily meal without waiting for "an occasion" !

We, K Products, have a deep love and passion for traditional Vietnamese cuisine.