It can be said that Mam Ruoc and Mam Tom are indispensable souls, an important ingredient to help create the typical flavor of Bun Bo Hue and Bun Rieu Cua.

✅ At K Products, with the mission to bring delicious, nutritious and traditional dishes, along with having to ensure strict standards, that's why the path to finding simple The production of fish sauce is a long journey.

✅ In today's market, it is not lacking to find a lot of fish sauce production units, however, which unit can meet the standards set by K Products is a difficult problem. Our products seek and aim, must achieve the desired standard under the strict inspection of a highly qualified team, and 2 strict standards according to Japanese standards are absolutely not. Using chemical sugar 952, and contains no preservatives.

✅ We also received a lot of positive feedback from the fish sauce production units, and the product quality of those units has reached the desired standard, but when we set the standards in return, silence, because the production unit itself is not confident in its product. The standards of K Products are considered a big barrier for fish sauce manufacturers wishing to cooperate, because most of the fish sauce products on the market today contain preservatives and chemical sugars. This will affect the health of consumers in the long run. And with K Products, we always keep in mind that everyone's health comes first.

⏳ After a long time searching as well as meeting and exchanging with many fish sauce production units, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Ba Thao Mam unit, during a business trip to visit exhibitions with businesses in Ho Chi Minh City. At this place, we and the representative of Mam Ba Thao unit had practical exchanges, shared information, shared values, and both sides worked towards common goals to build together. construction and sustainable development.

👉 For K Products, Mam Ba Thao is a unit with professionalism and thoroughness in operation, a unit that fully meets strict standards, but still retains the full flavor that we seek. searched for so long.
🫶 We are really grateful to Ba Thao Mam unit for welcoming and helping us complete our own products, creating products to consumers in the most thoughtful way and especially safe for health.
💥 We always carry out production according to the criterion of "strictly standardized export products are the same as domestically distributed products" so that Vietnamese consumers can use the product in the most complete way!