A beautiful autumn day, after many efforts #KProducts has officially exported the first container to the Japanese market.
♦️ Milestone marks the beginning of the Vietnamese convenience food chain present in Japan:
✅ July 19, 2022: Completed the documentation procedures & tested the first shipment at the Japanese quarantine department, officially cleared the product.
✅ November 6, 2022: Completed exporting the first 1 container to the Japanese market
Japan is one of the countries with the strictest & most arduous import standards in the world, especially food. In order to achieve the goal of Vietnamese products, right from the time of production, applying and deploying in accordance with Japanese standards is the way that K Products team has made continuous efforts during the past time.
With many years of human resources in the food export industry, knowledgeable about the Japanese quarantine process, along with the latest transferred machinery and technology. Above all, it is the flavor of the 5 * kitchen created by a passionate R & D team, adjusting & combining machines to optimize operation but still have to keep the whole fresh taste when stored at room temperature for 12 hours. month.
We really aspire to the development of the country along with the convenience of food, how to make busy days when we want to choose fresh food without thinking too much, wondering about ensuring taste & nutrition.
The process of conquering your thoughts about convenience food will be the path that we are trying to convey every day, the result of which instead of words is the actual food from K Products that you receive. . Stay tuned for continuous updates from us to understand & fall in love with inspiring Vietnamese dishes, everyone!!!

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