To encapsulate the "Bun Rieu Cua" flavor that is simple but contains the quintessence of Vietnamese culinary culture, we invite you to join K House to discover the subtleties of each ingredient and the way to make this delicious dish.

Many housewives confided that the most "shy" dish to cook is "Bun Rieu Cua", because the ingredients are little by little, detailed feats and skills in combining ingredients for harmony from color to color. color to taste is not persistent enough. Eating well will need to be meticulous, so the cool aroma from the bowl of crab vermicelli has enough sweet and sour taste to be hard to resist.

Therefore, whether vermicelli is delicious or not, the most important part is the broth. After completing research to create a unique taste from natural ingredients, we confidently tell this delicate and colorful story.

Select batches of field crabs from the rich western waters, greasy crabs, abundant natural supply bestowed by nature. We quickly prepare with enough steps & refine the strong sweetness from 100% standard copper crab. Next comes the fresh natural ingredients every day including tomatoes, purple onions, Long Son sea salt, Quang Ngai rock sugar, cashews, and carefully prepared sea-flavored fish sauce.

The soul of this Vietnamese delicacy is indispensable "sudden vinegar" selected from "yellow flower sticky rice".

Why not use regular glutinous rice, but must be yellow flower sticky rice?

Vinegar is created by fermentation during the fermentation of glutinous rice to create alcohol, the wine is distilled during the brewing process, and the vinegar is distilled from the remains after the end of the distillation process. Because of that, vinegar suddenly has a sour taste, leaving a little alcohol will easily remove the fishy smell of field crabs when combined harmoniously.

The vinegar used by K House is a strict selection of ingredients, using traditional methods to comply with a closed process, using yellow flower sticky rice will create a more aromatic flavor than regular sticky rice. natural fermentation and filtration for 16-24 months or longer, so it is very safe.

The last indispensable ingredient is shrimp paste. The selection of this material is also extremely difficult. The K family once told a story, the strict standards for Japanese standard shrimp paste are really difficult to find, no preservatives and sweeteners are used, but the taste must be rich, natural, and above all. must be ripe enough to combine with the above ingredients to be harmonious.

After each of these stages, an indispensable step is to "sterilize" the product to keep it safe from re-contamination of microorganisms throughout the 12-month distribution journey at room temperature without the need for any preservatives. which manager. This stage sounds "easy", but the most difficult, must be enough temperature, enough pressure, the flavor of the finished product is preserved and not "taste".

We have put all the mind of the producer on the top to create the quintessence of Vietnamese taste, there are so many delicious Vietnamese dishes that want to be saved and promoted, bringing convenience to free up time. Time for millions of Vietnamese women struggling in the kitchen to prepare family meals.

Thank you customers for trusting us, we will always strive for the love of Vietnamese cuisine…

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